Are you smiling? I like to create art that makes people smile, like the parrots in the clouds, below. Art is my way of being grateful, for skies and beauty, for anything I can paint or paint upon. Long ago, the words came to me, as if from the skies, "Be a creator of beauty." At the time, it seemed a calling to just paint. Now I see it as a calling in all of life, to create beauty in every way, in every thought, every act. What beauty have you created today?

NEW! Tour my new sky studio, click on the link in the left column. The walls and ceilings are murals painted with skies and more. I love to paint skies! Contact me for prices on painting ceilings/wall murals. Enlarge pictures by clicking on the image. There's also a free pattern craft to download, (more soon!) and free recipes. Come back often to see what has changed, and enjoy your visit here.

There's no shopping cart here, all of my work is limited, most of the art sells as soon as I'm done with it. If you're interested in something, just e-mail me, use the CONTACT form on the left.

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